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Our thoughts and prayers go out to our friends, loved ones and neighbors across the world who are affected by tornado and other natural disaster devastation; this is the most violent and tragic loss that anyone can endure, and our hearts are heavy. You grieved with us in 2008, and we grieve with you now. You are not alone.

My heritage is one of great philanthropy, which started with my great grandfather Charles Marsh.  I would be honored to be able to follow in his footsteps of generosity which led to the inception of the Public Welfare Foundation.

The goal is to pay forward all the generous support, by means of establishing a safe haven of resources to be made readily available to victims of violent natural disasters.  There are immediate needs that must be met when this level of devastation occurs, as well as long term ongoing physical, emotional and financial support.  There is no complete recovery, but we would like to help, in any way possible, others to achieve a small measure of relief and peace.  It's those small gifts of kindness that encourage us to hang on and look to the future with hope.

~ Heather Monroe

Mission + Vision

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our hope for the future

To offer support, garner aid and assist with recovery for others who are victims of violent natural disasters.

Eternally grateful for the outpouring of global support; we are sincerely thankful for every bonus day.